Saturday, April 17

Wish I made it, but I didn't.

I picked up this beautiful hand-embroidered pillow at a craft booth today. The picture does not do it justice. I loaned my camera to my neighbor for the purpose of photographing her new grandbaby. Not wanting to deprive them of their Kodak moments, I am using my iPhone camera in the interim.

The artist does take orders so here is her email address if you want one:


  1. Your right it is a must see in person, since I had the privilege of being present at said purchase. The colors and the metalics are so awesome in this pattern!

  2. What a gorgeous pillow! I know the artist that did the pillow and she is extremely talented!

  3. I watched my wife make this from scratch to finish. The whole time I was in a "COLOR DAZE" (due to the vibrant colors she used) and I have to admit that it turned out BEAUTIFUL. Thank you ALL so much for supporting her ambition to creat and inspire. Again, THANK Y'ALL and please support your local merchants!


  4. Beautiful!
    I'll definitely have to order a couple...once we've got a house.

  5. maribel gonzalez- antunaApril 21, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    This artist is very talented and has a keen eye for creativity,not only in her pillows, but in her purses/handbags/totebags and her jewelry too. Who'd a thunk a stack of buttons can make to be an awesome, unique ring. I get asked about it all the time I wear it. I had her make me a couple of customized purses for a couple of friends. I do not have a creative hand, but I can come up with ideas. She created them as I invisioned and she even embroidered their intials on them!! Awesome! I have anohter few ideas for her as I type* I can rave about her, but you'd have to see for yourself. Spark up a conversation with her and your creative streak will go wild with hers* Worth checking out!