Sunday, April 11

My First Blog

The title of this posting would make a good name for a children's book. I only thought of it because it seems like my 10 year old nephew is more computer savvy then I am.

Today I am working on a sewing project for a friend. I make these cute yet practical velcro bags that I like to use for groceries. My friend brought me enough fabric to make 11 of them for her. I learned to make these bags a few years ago and am a little bored with them by now. This may be the last time I make them! I'll post photos as soon as I am finished (hopefully tonight). If you like them, please don't ask me to make one for you! I have a few leftover that I made last year so if you absolutely MUST have one I'll send them out first-come first-serve until they are gone.

Please be patient as I learn how to make my blog more "attractive".

This is my blog and welcome to it.

Patti Trish


  1. Yeah your blogging! Love the name, the mascot pic and the polka dots. Makes me want to revamp my blog!

  2. That would make a great name for a children's book, I agree. Let us know when you've written it! I also must admit, you have inspired me to blog! I am looking forward to most memorable experiences from it and in reading your progress on cool crafting chronicles and other stories! Love the elephant; they always remind me of peace.