Sunday, April 25

Weekend Cards

Made a couple of mediocre cards this weekend. This is what happens when I don't do any card crafting for a month! Please excuse my "average-ness".

Wednesday, April 21

Thanks for the comments!

Your comments are truly appreciated. I have decided to try to give something away every month so be sure to visit The Crafty Elephant regularly. I still have a few bags left so scroll down and leave a comment if you want one. My next posting will be on Sunday and will include a paper craft item or items. Until then . . . .

Sunday, April 18

Tissue covers complete!

If there is enough interest, I will post a "how to" make them.

I still have some free foldable bags available - see my previous post if you are interested. Once they are gone, my next batch will be $10 each!

Saturday, April 17

Wish I made it, but I didn't.

I picked up this beautiful hand-embroidered pillow at a craft booth today. The picture does not do it justice. I loaned my camera to my neighbor for the purpose of photographing her new grandbaby. Not wanting to deprive them of their Kodak moments, I am using my iPhone camera in the interim.

The artist does take orders so here is her email address if you want one:

Tuesday, April 13

Need a bag?

Free offer to celebrate my new blog! Click here to see what I have in stock:
If you see a bag you like, leave me a comment and let me know which one you want. If I don't have your address, please send me an email and I'll send them off this weekend. First-come, first-serve.

Finally finished the bags!

At long last I have finished the bag project. I sure hope Shelli appreciates them!

Picture 1 shows the bag completed folded up into a flat 6X6 square. Picture 2 shows the bag opened flat. You can see the hook and loop strips on the outer edges. Picture 3 shows the bag completely open and stuffed. It can hold quite a bit of groceries (or toys).

I use some of the leftover fabric to make tissue holders (thanks to Christine's Aunt for the idea). I'll make those this weekend and post photos. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 11

The Never Ending Project

My new completion date is Tuesday. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with my sewing machine. I finished 2 out of 11 but would prefer to wait until they are all done before I put pictures up. I'm ready for a glass of wine anyway and we all know you shouldn't drink and sew. You could hurt yourself or worse, end up with a really ugly project.

My First Blog

The title of this posting would make a good name for a children's book. I only thought of it because it seems like my 10 year old nephew is more computer savvy then I am.

Today I am working on a sewing project for a friend. I make these cute yet practical velcro bags that I like to use for groceries. My friend brought me enough fabric to make 11 of them for her. I learned to make these bags a few years ago and am a little bored with them by now. This may be the last time I make them! I'll post photos as soon as I am finished (hopefully tonight). If you like them, please don't ask me to make one for you! I have a few leftover that I made last year so if you absolutely MUST have one I'll send them out first-come first-serve until they are gone.

Please be patient as I learn how to make my blog more "attractive".

This is my blog and welcome to it.

Patti Trish