Wednesday, July 21

Nobody likes me.

I'm having a down in the dumps day today and my blog gets very little traffic. Anyone have any ideas for how I can gain more interest from the general public? I even published my July freebie and nobody seems to want it. Suggestions please! Don't worry about hurting my feelings - I can take it. :)


  1. It helps to find other blogs to link with. On Fridays, Home Sanctuary does a link up ( Also, check out joining BlogFrog ( and SITS ( Also, a time-consuming, but very rewarding way is to visit other blogs and leave comments. Most bloggers go back to visit the people who first visited them. Hope that helps!

  2. Awesome suggestions! Thank you!

  3. I was going to suggest linking too!

    Some blogs have link days/link parties

    I <3 your blog!

  4. Awww don't be down about it. I haven't had time to read blogs for a month, I'm just now catching up with my favs. That includes you!